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Our brand

Nourex Professional® is the next generation in vitamin health, offering a wide range of expertly formulated high quality and affordable products, manufactured using the finest active ingredients.

Our Nourex Professional® products are manufactured in world-class facilities in New Zealand and the USA, using only the finest quality ingredients across the entire product range.

Beautifully packaged with clear, easy to read, fuss-free labelling, Nourex Professional® makes it easy to select the best quality products, at affordable prices, to support you in your journey to better health.

Quality manufacturing

When it comes to your health and wellness, it’s important to invest in brands you can trust. Nourex Professional® offers an exceptional range of vitamins and supplements that are scientifically formulated to support health and wellbeing. 

Nourex Professional® products are manufactured to international standards, in partnership with a world-class manufacturer to deliver the very best quality across every single product in the range.

Each product is formulated and developed by an expert team, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and backed by our “next generation in vitamin health” philosophy, which is centred on empowering healthier lives.

Equally important as the high standard of manufacturing is Nourex Professional’s® exceptional quality of active ingredients, which are expertly formulated to provide the best possible health benefits to you, our customers.